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The Administration System was designed in 2002 and is currently used by Third Party Administrators across the nation. In an effort to make the system the best that it can be and to offer a system that will do more than just flex plans, we have listened to the needs of the TPA's using the system. Therefore, the system is continually improving as we add new abilities, new plan types, and customizable features all the time. We want to work together with you to provide you with the system you need and not just a system you can use. By using you'll have less data entry, less system management, and more resources available to you allowing you time to build working relationships with your future clients.

TPA benefits include:
  • Web based system. Work at the office, at home, or on the road if need be.
  • Updates are automatic. You always have the latest version.
  • Office network and software problems are eliminated.
  • Quick search feature allows you to switch between employees of different clients fast and easily.
  • The system is a rule based system allowing you to customize each plan to fit the needs of the client.
  • Automated reimbursement process - build the reimbursement schedule for each plan and the system automatically runs when it is scheduled to (daily, weekly, bi-weekly semi-monthly or monthly).
  • Employer's receive an email notice when reimbursements require their funding approval automatically.
  • The system is customized with your logo as well as any client logo's you wish to upload.
  • Employer's have 24/7 access to reports.
  • Employee's can follow claims from start to finish.
  • Integrated TSYS debit card offers hands free real time claim processing.
Our mission - to help Third Party Administrators reach their goals through the use of automated system processes and time tested methods of administration.